Here’s what you can do to get listed for free:

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Click Add Listing
  3. Fill out your information. You can include photos, a special offer, etc. Join as many categories as you feel are appropriate.
  4. Submit your listing and wait for me to approve it. This prevents spam.
  5. If you’d like it to be formatted a certain way, send me the formatted long description as a formatted word document.

By the way, if you’re stumped on the listing and would like a professional to write it for you, I would reach out to Erica Brown at Erica Brown Creative Content –

As an example, you can see my listing for Optimize Fitness & Performance here.

Also, Enchanted Memories Travel have a great listing for their travel agency.

Please note: at this time we are only publishing listings for independently owned and operated businesses. MLM (multilevel marketing) and independent distributors (Beachbody, Jamberry, etc.) are currently not being published.

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